Oh Bande - Garry Dhillon mp3

Oh Bande - download mp3 song

by Garry Dhillon

Presents By Sirra Entertainment

Published - 28 May 2022

Running Time : 2 min : 46 sec

Category : Punjabi Single

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the lyrics of "Oh Bande" song?

Deep Boparai has written the lyrics of "Oh Bande". Deep Boparai is known for writing songs like Chocolate, , and .

Who is the singer of "Oh Bande" song?

Garry Dhillon have sung the song "Oh Bande". Garry Dhillon is known for singing songs like Fukre J Bande, Rabb Ne, and No Shortcut.

Who composed the music of Oh Bande song?

The music of Oh Bande song is composed by Rikhi.

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